Project musings: a two-tier web app

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Recently I've been pondering a project idea that I've been wanting to share.

Two tiers — front-end and back-end

A lot of web apps utilize separate servers for front-end and back-end. That's why we have things like CORS, to ensure our apps can make cross-origin requests securely. However, more often than …

Classy Filter v0.1 released!

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Hello my dear readers!

Today is something I would call quite an event in my life. I've made a Ruby gem of my own! It's called Classy Filter, and it's a library for performing filtering in an object-oriented, class-based, configurable fashion.

Here's a quick little example of usage.

class MyFilter …

Concerning evolution of web development

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So some time ago I've seen this tweet:

Translated into English, it would roughly read like this:

Do you think web development is …

Newbie impressions: Elixir & Erlang

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Welcome again my readers, to another issue of Newbie Impressions, a series where I look at various programming tools and relate my first impressions of them.

And today I'm not looking at a singular library, but rather at a programming language as a whole. Well, not as a whole, but …