Wow... Haven't posted anything for a month.

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To start off, I'm not dead. At least I think so. And I'd like to talk about what happened to me during this month.

First of all, there was the final of my "trial period". If anyone doesn't know, a trial period is the period after someone enters a new job. During this time, basically, you can be fired for the lack of skill or competence. Mine was supposed to end before the end of March, but I was given a last "super-task", developing a whole subsystem on my own.

Second, I was working on this blog. Most importantly (for me), I developed a new post authoring system for easier writing. Now creating or editing a post is as easy as uploading a text file! =) I probably should create a repo for them as well. Other than that, I switched the deployment from Capistrano to Mina and tweaked with caching policies and Nginx configs.

Other than that, I went to Rome with my mom and looked into some interesting languages, like Erlang, Elixir and Crystal.

Anyhow, I'll try to make the next D3.js tutorial next week! Hope you'll like it!